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What is Odds Converter Tool?

Use Odds Converter Tool to convert odds between American, fractional, decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay formats. Enter any one of the seven inputs and the other six will be computed and displayed.

Implied Probability is a chance of winning percentage.

American Odds are, of course, the most popular at US bookmakers. They’re also known as “money line odds” or “lines”. A negative number indicates what you must bet to make $100 profit and a positive number indicates how much you might profit if you bet $100.

Fractional is definitely the oldest format. Fractional odds are popular in United Kingdom and Ireland. They show the fraction of a dollar that would be won from a $1 bet

European (decimal) Odds express the amount that would be returned from a $1 bet *inclusive* of original stake

Hong Kong Odds are like fractional format, except they’re expressed in decimals. To convert it in decimal format just add 1 (0.50 is 1/2 in fractions and 1.50 in decimals).

Indonesian Odds are like US odds. They are the same odds just divided by 100. The positive numbers such as +205 are simply expressed as 2.05. Negative odds in the Indonesian format simply show how much money you must risk in order to win one unit.

Malay Odds are expressed as either positive or negative and are related to a set base unit. Malay odds are based on 1.00 unit stakes. Where the odds are positive:
Stake x Odds = Profit
Where the odds are negative:
Stake / Odds = Profit

Implied Probability:
American Odds:
English (fractional) Odds:
European (decimal) Odds:
Hong Kong Odds:
Indonesian Odds:
Malay Odds:

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