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Abdel-Kader Salifou
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
27th Aug 2022, 07:45Jiri VrablikAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.9751.704
27th Aug 2022, 07:10Jiri VrablikAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.9681.710
27th Aug 2022, 04:45Tomas KonecnyAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.8301.830
27th Aug 2022, 03:40Tomas KonecnyAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.8321.825
27th Aug 2022, 02:35Martin OlejnikAbdel-Kader Salifou3:04.3001.160
26th Aug 2022, 08:45David PrusaAbdel-Kader Salifou2:3
26th Aug 2022, 06:15Antonin GavlasAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.8251.832
26th Aug 2022, 04:15Pavol MegoAbdel-Kader Salifou0:3
26th Aug 2022, 02:00Thomas KoldasAbdel-Kader Salifou1:3
25th Aug 2022, 07:15Matej StachAbdel-Kader Salifou0:3
25th Aug 2022, 05:15Abdel-Kader SalifouStanislav Golovanov3:01.0706.300
25th Aug 2022, 02:00Abdel-Kader SalifouThomas Keinath1:31.3842.702
24th Aug 2022, 08:45Abdel-Kader SalifouVladimir Anca3:21.0706.300
24th Aug 2022, 07:15Jakub SeibertAbdel-Kader Salifou2:35.0001.118
24th Aug 2022, 05:45Petr DavidAbdel-Kader Salifou2:31.9751.704
24th Aug 2022, 03:45Jakub KleprlikAbdel-Kader Salifou3:22.0521.650
26th Oct 2021, 11:10Martin AllegroAbdel-Kader Salifou3:13.5201.280
24th Oct 2021, 12:20Eric GlodAbdel-Kader Salifou1:32.8051.410
21st Sep 2021, 10:00Can AkkuzuAbdel-Kader Salifou3:11.2204.060
21st Sep 2021, 09:30Can AkkuzuAbdel-Kader Salifou3:11.2603.580
21st Sep 2021, 05:00Abdel-Kader SalifouManav Vikash Thakkar3:22.2361.616
27th Aug 2021, 07:45Abdel-Kader SalifouMichal Bankosz2:31.3083.050
27th Aug 2021, 05:45Jakub FolwarskiAbdel-Kader Salifou3:02.5701.420
27th Aug 2021, 03:10Abdel-Kader SalifouThomas Tregler3:12.9381.328
26th Aug 2021, 10:45Abdel-Kader SalifouJakub Kleprlik1:31.4202.568
26th Aug 2021, 09:30Abdel-Kader SalifouJakub Kleprlik1:31.5652.204
26th Aug 2021, 08:15Abdel-Kader SalifouMichal Benes3:11.3842.702
26th Aug 2021, 07:25Abdel-Kader SalifouMichal Benes3:11.3882.682
26th Aug 2021, 05:45Abdel-Kader SalifouMichal Obeslo0:31.8301.830
26th Aug 2021, 04:45Abdel-Kader SalifouMichal Obeslo0:32.0501.652
26th Aug 2021, 03:35Abdel-Kader SalifouDmitrij Prokopcov1:32.3351.504
26th Aug 2021, 02:20Abdel-Kader SalifouDmitrij Prokopcov1:32.3101.515
5th Aug 2021, 05:15Dmitrij ProkopcovAbdel-Kader Salifou3:11.6522.050
5th Aug 2021, 03:45Abdel-Kader SalifouRomain Ruiz1:31.5162.304
4th Aug 2020, 07:00Alexander ValuchAbdel-Kader Salifou0:34.0601.216
4th Aug 2020, 03:40Michal BankoszAbdel-Kader Salifou1:37.1001.080
3rd Aug 2020, 14:40Vincent PicardAbdel-Kader Salifou3:28.3001.056
3rd Aug 2020, 07:50Jakub KosowskiAbdel-Kader Salifou3:21.5402.395
3rd Aug 2020, 05:10Filip ZeljkoAbdel-Kader Salifou0:33.4001.290
3rd Aug 2020, 02:30Romain LorentzAbdel-Kader Salifou1:32.5501.480
10th Jul 2020, 06:00Tomislav PucarAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.3702.885
10th Jul 2020, 04:00Filip ZeljkoAbdel-Kader Salifou3:01.9751.750
10th Jul 2020, 02:00Frane KojicAbdel-Kader Salifou2:32.2751.570
9th Jul 2020, 08:00Jiri VrablikAbdel-Kader Salifou2:31.4802.488

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